I’m Experiencing Video Playback Issues

Video Play Back Issues

BGI has taken steps to ensure the smooth delivery of the videos over the internet.  But several factors contribute to your viewing experience including the playback quality and your overall internet speed.

If you are experiencing less-than-ideal playback, please follow this guide to help get things back on track.

Lower Playback Quality

First, try reducing the playback quality.  Many times this solves the problem.

Click the little gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video then click on Quality.

From there, select a lower playback resolution like 540p.


Test Your Internet Speed

If this does not improve the playback experience, conduct a speed test (https://testmy.net/download) and note the results.

If the speed test shows a lower than you expected, you may want to contact your Internet Service Provider.  Keep in mind that multiple devices accessing the internet on the same network, can impact the available bandwidth and lead to choppy playback or excessive buffering.

Generally, the following speeds are recommended for the best playback:

Experiencing Playback Issues with Required Bandwidth?

Want to know more about your playback performance? The debug log helps provide critical information related to your playback experience, which helps us diagnose streaming issues. This log includes the CDN (content delivery network), your video id, your bandwidth to that CDN, the rate of dropped frames, browser/OS, and embed size.

To log your playback experience using our debug tool, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open any video you’re having trouble with2) Press play and watch the video 3) Once the issue occurs, press “d” on your keyboard to open the debug panel4) Click the blue “Copy Debug Key” button to obtain the unique ID associated with your playback session*6) Paste the entire ID into a support ticket and send it our way for analysis. (Note: The debug key will be comprised of random characters which will then be used to access playback information in our system)
  • If you aren’t seeing the option to copy a debug key, please make sure that your browser is not sending a “do not track” request.

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