I’m Experiencing Video Playback Issues

Video Play Back Issues BGI has taken steps to ensure the smooth delivery of the videos over the internet.  But several factors contribute to your viewing experience including the playback quality and your overall internet speed. If you are experiencing less-than-ideal playback, please follow this guide to help get things […]

I Can’t Download PDF or Guitar Pro TAB Files

This is most commonly a cookie setting for MacOS/iOS/Safari members. Cookies are used to determine if someone is logged in and has access to the files and if they are blocked the file won’t load. Please make sure Safari isn’t blocking cookies from the site. Safari Here’s a link that will […]

How Do I Use the Soundslice Interactive Tab Player?

Many of the lessons in the myBGI membership come with an interactive tab player provided by SoundSlice. This software has many fantastic and useful features.  To learn how to use these features to get the most from the material, please watch this video walkthrough: Basics of the SoundSlice Interactive Player […]